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In the past, the only way to assure that you had good fuel for your Mission Critical Power Unit was to periodically pay someone to extract the old fuel and discard it, power-wash and clean the interior tank and baffle surfaces (sometimes requiring manned-entry), pump out and discard the water from the cleaning operation, and refill the tank with new fuel.  That is an expensive way to go and not very environmentally friendly.  Now, there is a more cost-effective alternative.  


 It’s YOUR Responsibility

Today’s Diesel Power Units Demand Optimal Fuel To Run Properly.

What would a day of down-time cost you?

“Polishing” is a fuel industry term, and is recommended by fuel refiners to maintain the fuel’s viability.  CriticalFuel.com's cost effective and environmentally conscious Fuel Restoration and Polishing Technology can recondition, stabilize, decontaminate, and optimize your diesel fuel.  We employ a comprehensive, innovative process utilizing conditioning additives, specific gravity, filtration and inductive energy to efficiently remove free water, emulsified water, agglomerated fuel clusters (sludge), sediments, contaminants, and microbial growth that naturally accumulate in tanks.

Our specially formulated fuel conditioners and catalysts help stabilize your fuel, dissolve deposits from inaccessible tank walls and baffles, improve your fuel's lubricity and Cetane rating, and eliminiate microbial activity and the traditional need for expensive toxic chemicals.  Our technology breaks up the agglomerated molecules of fuel to allow them to pass through your power unit's primary filters and burn more efficiently.

In other words, we can restore your fuel to its original ‘Clear and Bright’ in-specification condition for peak performance and reliability.  You get to keep your own fuel – Just restore it! 

Schedule one of our specially trained crews to come to your location with one of our trailers, trucks, or vans full of equipment.  We’ll get your fuel cleaned ASAP.  CriticalFuel.com’s professional fuel and tank cleaning can reverse the degradation process, and restore and stabilize the overall quality of your diesel fuel.

To successfully and completely cure a contaminated tank or fuel system and restore the fuel back to perfect health, CriticalFuel.com performs the following services:

  1. On site fuel sampling and testing to analyze and confirm the nature of the problem – whether that is sludge, bugs, water, dirt, rust, scale, or other contamination.
  2. Decontaminate the tank to remove and prevent microbial activity.
  3. Remove water, sludge, bio-fouling and other contaminants from the fuel.
  4. Restore fuel purity with 2 micron absolute filtration to specification for color, clarity, total contaminant, microbial contamination and water content, eliminating the habitat for bacteria and fungi.
  5. Add a specially formulated Fuel Catalyst to restore and optimize your fuel.

CriticalFuel.com’s Fuel Polishing is the best and most innovative fuel treatment process on the market.  We restore all elements of fuel quality to previously contaminated fuel tank systems.  The results are the cleanest tank with the cleanest possible fuel.

"It’s Almost Like Having a Mobile Refinery Right at Your Doorstep."


The movement to show the public that your company is “green” lends itself to a program of fuel polishing.  You could even issue a press release that you're refreshing your old fuel rather than discarding and replacing it.  Fuel polishing is a great alternative to discarding and replacing the degraded or contaminated fuel.  We’re not going to ‘sanitize’ the tank like power-washing might, but we can provide a much more economical way to restore your fuel to its “clear and bright” condition and a program to maintain it.  The only true solution for a contaminated fuel source is to discard the old fuel, power-wash the tank, and refill with new fuel.


After your stored fuel is professionally cleaned and polished by CriticalFuel.com, we recommend that you establish a periodic schedule for us to come out and perform a quick test on your fuel.

“Any time a generator shut down, and the filters were clogged, we just changed the filters and blamed it on the fuel.” – AC Rison, Rental/Sales Manger, Cummins Bridgeway

You may already have a Periodic Maintenance program in place for your Power Unit.  They may even “check” the fuel.  Why not implement a Fuel Quality Periodic Maintenance program?  Conscientious owners and facility operators implement a regularly scheduled fuel tank testing and polishing program in order to proactively detect problems and correct them before they impact their critical systems.

Sure, your Power Unit may run for 20-30 minutes a week and an hour or two once a month.  But, will it continue to run during an extended power outage when your refueling operation stirs up all the sludge on the bottom?  As Chief Engineer, it’s your responsibility to assure the Power Unit performance when needed.

Contact us to arrange for a site visit and detailed analysis of how we can help you successfully manage your fuel storage environment.


  • More Reliable Power for Improved Safety
  • Improved Engine Performance
  • Reduced Smoke to Help Meet Emissions Requirements
  • Reduced Maintenance, Down-Time, and Operating Costs
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Keep Internal Engine Components Clean
  • Fewer Injector Failures
  • Extend the Engine’s Life
  • Reduce Both Short-Term and Long-Term Expenses



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